Tequila's history and lineage are forged with a devotion to tradition, but they are also woven with a tinge of lunacy and refusal to conform. In every drop of good tequila, there is a hint of defiance, the slight taste of a gamble won. When artisans set out to create a new tequila, there should be a bit of risk. That risk, paid off, translates to beautiful purity in taste, complexity, expression and color. The word Corazón means "heart" in Spanish, and that appellation has dual symbolism for the brand like never before. It refers to the piña or "heart" of each agave plant, nurtured and harvested in Arandas, Jalisco, in Mexico's Highlands and used to create Corazón Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. It also refers to the heart and passion of the men and women who have embarked on a new mission to create tequila like you've never experienced before... Expresiones del Corazon!

The Tequila Experts

To create the perfect tequila, you need the right team. Knowledge, passion, experience and spirit are all crucial.

Mario Echanove
Master Distiller

Luis Alberto Hernandez Gutierrez
Cultivator Jalisco Highlands