Begin with the warm sun and fertile soil of the Los Altos region of Jalisco at altitudes of over 6,000 feet. Select only the most perfect agave from the hillsides that meet our master distiller's high standards for maturity, sweetness and flavor. Join forces with some of the greatest minds in the industry including Harlen Wheatley and Miguel Cedeño. The result is a uniquely crafted spirit created with passion and purpose: Expresiones del Corazón.

To cultivate the perfect blue agave plants, you have to have a symbiosis of the right elements. The soil. The sky. The rain and sun. The hands that tend it. They all contribute. To create the perfect tequila, you need the right team. Knowledge, passion, history and spirit are all crucial. Experience the first release of Expresiones del Corazón- a collection of fine tequilas gently rested in charred oak barrels to impart the subtle influences of whiskies from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. This cross-cultural journey will no doubt deliver unique expressions never before seen in tequilas.

Follow Corazón as they embark on a mission to create tequila like you've never experienced before…

Agave Selection- May 2010

In May of 2010, the Corazon team began Agave selection. Two areas of land were chosen in Arandas, Jalisco. Rather than clear-cutting the fields from the outset, the team employed scientific tools to establish a random cross-section, measuring the sugar levels from the 80 tons of plants. They harvested two sets of agave, the first with a lower sugar content. That set would imbue a different flavor component, something a little drier, more minerality. The second set of plants had a level considered sweeter for agave. The combination of these two created an amazing blanco line that will be released with Expresiones del Corazón. It's also the base for the other four expressions. With every aspect of the Expresiones del Corazón project, there is extreme intent and purpose. Behind the science, the instruments, the chemistry of sugar and the work of harvest, there is a heart that's ripe with passion and with promise, eager for the rewards of a risk.

Barrel Aging

Each part plays a major role in the Expresiones del Corazon project, from the people to the soil and the setting of Casa San Matias. No part is quite as vital, however, as the barrels selected to age the blanco. The vessels selected are, at heart, what makes this project different from every one attempted before it. These barrels imbue the blanco with character - with kisses of rough rye and sweet bourbon, with age and char and charm. The wood will permeate something special‚ to make it undeniably extraordinary.

In 2010, Corazon acquired the best barrels from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – including 21 barrels from each category of George T. Stagg, Sazerac Rye 18, Old Rip Van Winkle and Buffalo Trace. Using these award-winning barrels from Buffalo Trace provided its own flavor and unique characteristics to the Tequila. They were then stored in the first row at Casa San Matias aging facility in Acatic, Los Altos Jalisco, insuring the ideal level of air flow to aid in the aging process.

Distillation and Fermentation

Expresiones Del Corazon is produced in the world renowned Casa De San Matias Distillery. Founded in 1886 and with 127 years of experience making premium tequilas, it is considered to be the premier distiller in Mexico. The production protocol was crafted by Miguel Cedeño Cruz, a leading expert in tequila production. San Matias utilizes traditional methods and proprietary yeast for fermentation and distillation. The agave is slow cooked in stone ovens, then is distilled in stainless steel pots. The unique distillation process utilizes fresh spring water from the highlands of Jalisco. Commitment to quality is ensured by Master Distiller Mario Echanove.